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Speakers at the physical activity facilities Virtual forum Scotland 2021

“Using sport to drive change in health & wellbeing”

David Ferguson, Chief Executive, Observatory for Sport in England

THE OSS was created to help Scotland more effectively use sport as a tool to improve health and wellbeing. We use research, analysis and evidence to help shape new sustainable policy and practice. The OSS does not deliver sport, but uses the scientific research to support stakeholders from government to community levels to fully understand the challenges and solutions, in order to use sport as a tool to improve physical and mental health and wellbeing.

“Build it and they will come….will they??”

Cathy Gallagher, Executive Director of Sport, University of Stirling 

Facilities are only bricks and mortar….it’s how they are used that is more important. 

As Scotland’s University for Sporting Excellence and UK Sports University of the Year 2020, the University of Stirling place sport, physical activity and wellbeing at the heart of what we do.  Despite the challenges of the global pandemic, the University opened a £21m indoor sports facilities investment in November 2020.  The transformational project will engage increased numbers of students, staff and community, at the level of their choosing.  The presentation will share snippets of the journey and more importantly, the anticipated outcomes and impact.

“Public Leisure at the Heart of Communities”

Kirsty Cumming, Chief Executive Officer, Community Leisure UK

Public leisure has been severely impacted by Covid-19 and faces a long recovery period, with high levels of uncertainty. Looking ahead, there is a key role for public leisure in supporting individuals and communities and seeking to become more resilient and sustainable as a sector. 

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