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Seminar Theme: Building Back Better “How to develop a relevant and resilient sport and physical activity sector”

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Challenges and opportunities created by COVID for the physical activity sector
  • New development plans for Scotland’s leisure and physical activity facilities
  • Energy daylight fresh air – the importance of the great outdoors for leisure
  • Sustainability – new measures being undertaken to reach carbon zero targets
  • Delivering quality in built up environment spaces
  • Focus on university campus physical activity offerings
  • Making leisure facilities accessible for all inc disabled, SEN, elderly,

Email proposals to brittany@stable-events.co.uk deadline: 18th November 

Speakers for the physical activity facilities forum Scotland 2021

“What Now for Charitable Leisure Trusts in Scotland?”

Robin Strang, Chairman, Community Leisure Scotland

The global pandemic has caused leisure trusts to pause and re-assess what they do. This presentation will share the impact of COVID-19 on Scotland’s leisure trusts and explain how they have coped. It will look at the challenges trusts now face and what role they could play in delivering public sport and leisure facilities in the future, and address how we can combat an ageing estate. The presentation will conclude with a critique of the strategic coordination between health and leisure at a national level in Scotland.

“Two Shows in Town!”

Malcom Mcphail, CEO, KA Leisure/Managing Director, MMX Leisure

Financial Security and Humanitarian Response to Covid are the two main focus areas in our worlds and rapidly becoming life changing adoptions that we must take to survive and become valued partners.

I will explore this concept and discuss actual and potential interventions to improve Commercial Wealth and Health and Wellbeing improvement at an individual, Community and Industrial Level.

I will talk about the toolkit we need in our organisations to deliver our brave new world focussing on Leaders with Strong Emotional Intelligence.

Finally, I will talk about leisure trends post covid and what they are telling us.

“The Decade for Change and Building Back Fitter!”

Marianne Boyle, Head of Partnerships & Strategic Lead Infrastructure, ukactive

As we dust ourselves off following a turbulent period of significant uncertainty and challenge, we must come together to forge a decade of change that will enable us to build back fitter, delivering sustainable services in fit for purpose facilities that make a positive difference to lives and the wellness of the nation.

“Sport and Leisure’s role in Scotland’s Covid Recovery”

David Ferguson, Chief Executive, Observatory for Sport in Scotland (OSS)

The OSS shares research, analysis and evidence around how Scotland can re-think its community sport and leisure provision to strengthen communities and improve the population’s health and wellbeing.

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